KT100s are ready to go

posted Jan 16, 2011, 7:10 PM by Scoob Edoo
They are pretty, aren't they?

Got both of the 3rd bearings and mounts to work and now they're both ready to break in: race motor on the left and practice motor on the right.  Race motor dynoed at over 17 hp with the big carb on it!  This is going to be a long 2 months to wait.

More updates: The old kart is up on craigslist and I will post to EKN during the next week if I don't get any bites locally; I want to get it gone to move onto the new kart and to get Kieran's karts ready.  Truck exhaust is installed and I tweaked it a little today to eliminate the rubbing on the underside of the chassis.  The sound is a little deeper, but not loud at all.  Should be fine on long trips.  I have hired Jack to build a spec 'Advanced' motor for us so that task is taken care of.  Should get that motor in February some time.

And finally, Killeen dropped a bomb on me today, when I asked if she wanted to race in the Hypermoto series with Kieran and Logan this season.  She answered that she didn't think she wanted to race or autocross at all this season!  That's her prerogative, so we'll have to wait to see if she changes her mind.