Kieran's first race in the books

posted May 30, 2010, 6:56 AM by Scoob Edoo
We hit the F1NJ track again yesterday for some practice time in both karts and for Kieran's rescheduled first race.  We got the cadet running very well and sent him out for a few sessions in that kart.  Unfortunately he wasn't comfortable with the brakes this time, so he wasn't pushing as hard as he could have.  I need to work on the brake to soften it up to make it easier for him to hit.  [I don't know why he needs brakes in the first place?! ;)]  But one session he went out with another kart and he tried to keep pace with him and dropped down to about a 50 sec lap.  Not great, but not terrible.  I know it could easily get to the 43-45 sec range if he drove it hard, so I need to get it corrected to see what it will actually do.  I have 2 weeks to get it fixed.

The rest of the day Kieran focused on the race kart on the (again) modified track.  This week they straightened out the Esses after the light bulb turn, so times dropped about 1-1.5 sec on the track from last week.  Kieran was running in the 44-45 sec range all day (when he had someone to chase).  By 5:00 lots of other families arrived - it looked like about 15 kids.  Unfortunately only 4 of them were going to be in Kieran's race - and then one of them left before the race, so he raced only 2 other kids.  He qualified very fast, so he started in 3rd.  As they came around to complete their first lap, Kieran cruised into the lead and won easily.  I hope to get him into the faster class sooner than later.  We'll just remove the governor and let him run with the other kids to see how he fares.