Kart track day

posted Jul 6, 2014, 4:55 PM by Scoob Edoo
After my parents left here on Saturday morning, I checked the weather forecast for Mooresville, NC where the GoPro Motorplex is and the weather looked ideal for Saturday, with 84 as the high and no chance for rain.  We decided that we would hit the road with Sinea's kart in place of mine in the trailer and do the "1/2" day Saturday from 4-8.  We got the karts arranged, juggled the cars around, made a hotel reservation, checked where the IKEA is in relation to the kart track, got Rhys a room for the night at Camp Ruff-n-More, then made it all happen.  Because it was a holiday weekend, the Virginia police and troopers were out in force, but it had little effect on me since pulling the trailer limits my speed anyway.  We made it to the track at exactly 4:00, unloaded, registered Sinea and Kieran, and got them ready to go out.

The rental side of the business was going pretty well all day, so we had to limit our time as usual, but they allowed Kieran to lead Sinea around separately all afternoon in 5 minute sessions.  The first time she went out she was scared and a little shaky and she never got above walking speed in the one lap, but it gave her confidence to try it the next time while trying to go a little faster each time.  By the end of her 4th session, she was doing much better and trying to go faster almost everywhere.  She can't wait to go back.

Killeen was inspired to try karting again, so she got Kieran's stuff and got in for one session to lead Sinea around.  She never went fast, but she did a good job leading Sinea.  I think it just confirmed with her that she made the right decision when she retired.  She only ran that one session then stayed with Kerry watching the rest of the day.

Kieran went out multiple times, both with the restrictor and then at the end without it.  I still didn't regear him tall enough so he was running out of gear in three places and he still dipped into the 57 second range, a little faster than last October when he ran without it for the first time.  Next time I will regear him with the 65T and see where he gets.

We stayed in a Residence Inn in Huntersville, midway between the track and the IKEA and it was nice.  Two bedroom suite - but the A/C was working only sporadically and I woke up at 12:30 sweating because it had shut off completely.  Then after trying everything I could and calling the front desk, I gave up and went back to bed.  The system started working again immediately and kept us cool for the rest of the night.  We got up and had breakfast on Sunday morning and then hit the pool for 2 hours while we waited for IKEA to open.  The A/C in the room had given up again in the morning.  Either a faulty unit or Marriott is playing some of their energy conservation games there, too.  It's the 2nd or 3rd Marriott hotel where I've experienced HVAC issues...

A successful trip to IKEA was followed by an easy trip home to pick up Rhys then home to reswap all of the karts and put everything back away.  Back to work tomorrow after a wonderful 4-day weekend.