Karts update and LeMons

posted Feb 4, 2010, 8:02 AM by Scoob Edoo
I worked for two straight days on the cadet kart, putting the body work on, installing the seat, installing the pedal box/extenders.  The kart itself is ready to go.  When I mounted the motor and got it ready to start, I ran into a hiccup: the pull-start is not cooperating.  No matter how hard or highly I pull, it only extends out about one full revolution of the crank.  Then it will pull out one more, but I can't get the 2/2.5 revs I need to get it fired.  I sought help between other things, but did not receive anything.  So I've got what I know to be a working motor that will not start.  Very frustrating.

Because I spent so much time on the cadet, I never really got to mine after finding out that the new chassis braking system wouldn't work.  So for the Philly event that occurred last Sunday, I took Kieran and the kid kart and I didn't drive anything.  That event, for whatever reasons, had only 32 show up!  We ran a skeleton crew and Kieran and I only stayed until his runs were done.  Vicky came with Pete and Bev, so they got to compete one last time with their little motors/karts.  The Comer C50 was working very well and Kieran dropped time I think on every run.  He got down into the 45s and finished about 1 sec behind a new FJA karter in her first event.  And it turns out that he had a raging ear infection the whole time.  The next few days were pretty bad - he was in a lot of pain until the antibiotics kicked in.

The rest of Sunday I spent at Rob's house packing up the truck for the trip to SC.  Rob and Mike had mounted the front tow hook earlier in the day, so Rob and I spent a few hours cleaning up and packing tools, spares, etc.  The forecast for the race looks better with each passing day, but we expect to see a monsoon on Friday, tapering off to light showers by the start of the race.  After Saturday morning, it should be better, with highs around 50 both days.  Meanwhile in the Mid-Atlantic region, they are calling for 12+" of snow!  I suppose I'll have to deal with a lot of that upon my return.  But I'll worry about that when I get back.  In the meantime, I'm excited to get on the road!