Kart brakes

posted May 10, 2009, 4:43 AM by Scoob Edoo
I finally found a source for brake seals for my Haase brakes (National Kart Supply) thanks to a few people giving me the same recommendation within a day.  I also found the website myself at the same time.  Funny.  So I have new seals for all of the pistons coming this week, along with a gravity bleeder so I can actually bleed the lines correctly.  Twice as expensive as the Motive car bleeder I got for the Scirocco!  And I also found out that my chassis is a BLIZZARD which was made from 1996-2000 ish and was a very good chassis.  Mark even has a few leftover Blizzard chassis if I want to replace it.

As I mentioned before, I bought some VEN-99 CRG brakes for the front and I got around to installing one side yesterday.  Everything fits perfectly - but the hubs have larger bolts.  After trying to switch hubs and finding the disc to be a different size, I decided to drill the bolt holes larger on my wheels.  Now everything works perfectly on that side and I'll do the other side probably today.  Will need to align for camber and toe after that.

I decided to finally dismount the rear barke to take it apart and clean it before the new seals get here.  The piston cylinders were pretty dirty so I cleaned them out a little and the pistons go in with no problem.  When I got to the other side of the caliper, I found that whoever rebuilt these last put the pistons in the WRONG WAY - no wonder the seals were leaking like crazy!  In fact, I'll bet that these seals are very new and will work perfectly once the pistons are back together and bled.  Idiot.  I wish I'd taken this apart before spending money for the new seals.  But at $2 a piece, I won't worry about that too much.  And I needed the bleeder and the front seals anyway to rebuild them (assuming those pistons are in correctly - maybe I should withhold judgement for now).

I do love the look of the new calipers, rotors, stubs, and hubs.  Makes the chassis look a bit younger.  And I'll bet they stop better too...