Kart (and weather) update

posted Apr 19, 2015, 4:21 PM by Scoob Edoo
It's been awhile and we still haven't gotten out to an autox or the track due to myriad conflicts and rain.  Lots of rain.

But I've finally gotten both karts ready to roll, though Kieran's hasn't gotten the additional weight he needs yet.  But yesterday I got both motors mounted and fired up after remembering to add fuel both times... I need to adjust Kieran's carb to idle, but otherwise it ran and sounded strong.  Mine started and smoked like crazy the first time I started it and it sounded like the jetting was very wrong so I didn't push it.  I then remembered that I hadn't added water to the radiator yet, so I added some and restarted the motor and this time it sounded VERY strong.  Curious how it could have changed that much in 30 min, but maybe the old fuel in the fuel line got run out and the fresh fuel made the difference.

Speaking of fuel, the gas station where I had been getting my fuel for the last two years is currently being renovated top to bottom and I'm not optimistic about them retaining that race fuel tank.  So I need to find an alternative and fast.  Might need to go out by BMS where there is another station selling that fuel until I find a permanent solution.  At least I know I can buy some good Sunoco fuel at GoPro, but I think at $12/gallon versus $7 at this station.

We might try to attend the ETR autox next weekend if the weather looks OK.  Otherwise we run into May and possibly all the way to Lincoln as our first events of the year.  Crazy compared to last year.

Next up (for sure) is the LeMons race at CMP.  Car has been rethemed and reformatted to match the rest of the team.  It now resembles a '70s Vega station wagon in matching orange color scheme.