Junior kart school

posted Apr 29, 2012, 7:52 PM by Scoob Edoo
We piggy-backed the junior school onto the Novice school today and still the powers who be managed to not listen to the concerns from last year that I expressed repeatedly over the last week.  So we had a postage stamp for the kids to run in the morning and stoppages for every Tom Dick and Mary who wanted to walk through the area with kids driving at 30+ mph about 15' away from where they were walking.  Unbelievable on both fronts.  At least the Philly admins agreed to let the kids run the slaloms for about an hour in the morning before the Novices started (and they even went out of their way to try to shorten that concession by 30 min...).  Then later we had to pack everything up and move down to the other end where the kids could run the skid pad then we could use the remaining concrete space to set a technical but fun course.  In other words the logistics were completely screwed up.  But in the end the kids got to run all morning and afternoon, karts permitting.

Speaking of which... We had an issue with Kieran's kart that ballooned into several different problems.  The biggest problem was that I tried to change the carb settings without the motor actually running.  So it had been running OK, then I messed with it and it wouldn't run.  So we started tinkering and investigating.  I replaced the spark plug three times, found that the fuel pick-up had come out of the fuel line, the fuel line was not pumping fuel like it should have, and the fuel line leading up to the carb inlet seemed to be a little loose.  However, after replacing and tightening, etc, it still would not turn over.  We could only get it to briefly fire with starting fluid or when the air intake was completely choked with Pete's hand.  I'm convinced that the issue may be that the fuel line picked up some grunge and the carb is clogged somewhere.  So I have it home so I can tear it open and try to get it cleaned.

Meanwhile it was Sinea's first day in the kart.  It was an unforgettable start.  After focusing on the brakes for the last several months, she immediately went out, full throttle and did not ever consider hitting the brake as she hurtled toward little Emily in her kart.  She was even trying to find the engine's off switch, but never let off the gas or tried the brake.  She hit the back right corner and went under and spun to the side.  No one was hurt, thankfully, but Sinea was pretty shaken up and didn't want to drive after that.  Fortunately mommy eventually showed up and then she wanted to drive again.  And she did much better while mommy was there.  Driving the course she got better and better, even trying to run over Kieran when he was out running with her to keep her on course and to encourage her to go faster.  But after mommy left, she was done.  She wouldn't leave with her because she wanted to play with Christopher, another new karter.  And so she spent the next five hours watching and playing and getting into trouble, but she never again wanted to drive.  So we'll have to see how she reacts when I ask if she wants to drive next weekend...

There were no other incidents on the kids side and Kieran got to drive Marcus's kart (his old kart) most of the rest of the afternoon.  Thanks to Rob and Marcus for that - I was ready to go at noon when I couldn't revive his kart, but we ended up staying until after 5.  Next weekend's event should be interesting.