Junior kart school

posted Apr 17, 2011, 4:10 PM by Scoob Edoo
Wow, what a perfect day for the junior school.  Sunny and low 60s, and since it was held at Warminster, WINDY.  But compared to yesterday, with over an inch of blowing rain, I'll take this one every time.

We got onsite early and I got to work on Kieran's motor.  First thing I tried was to swap plugs with one I bought this week.  This one was quite a bit longer than the other so I had to add another spacer to make it work.  I tried to start it and it fired immediately and ran perfectly.  Yay!  Next I added weight to the kart to make it legal.  I brought the 2 scales and corner-weighted the rear and got it perfect side to side.  Double yay!  Pete initiated the kids on what the agenda was to be for the day.  And since there were only 2 FJBs and 2 FJCs, we divided them up and ran the two elements (skidpad and super-long slalom).  I was especially interested to see if Kieran's kart would steer OK with the weight and it seems to do just fine.  He reported no understeer and we couldn't see any, so I thing the distribution must be pretty close.  We will weigh it the next time Adam brings his scales and we can get them on some level ground.

Killeen and Marcus both started off going pretty slow, but gradually got faster and faster, especially through the slalom.  They both were going pretty fast by the end of the day, so there may be some good battles with Logan this year.

And both Vicky and Kieran were much faster at the end of the day.  Both karts ran very well and Vicky really started pushing on the makeshift course we made at the end of the day.  But then she broke a clutch spring and couldn't go as fast.  Kieran really started exploring the edge of grip on this last several runs and he was very excited to drift half of the skidpad/turn-around and be able to get back on the gas earlier to take the entire return section full-throttle.  It was a pleasure to watch and I think he learned a lot about pitching and catching that he should be able to apply in the Hypermoto races, too.

Next up is his first Hypermoto race in 2 weeks.