Jr Kart School

posted Apr 20, 2009, 6:46 PM by Scoob Edoo
This weekend we went down to the WDCR Junior Kart School held at FedEx Field and organized by Brian Garfield, et al.  It was a great experience for Kieran.  They started off with a driver's meeting to go over some basics and get all the kids up to speed on how the karts worked, etc.  Then they did some drills including acceleration and stopping, slaloms of various flavors, then a skid pad.  Kieran did well on all of the drills, but he didn't like the tight skid pad "Daddy, I just can't count very well when I'm going in circles."

From there they went over to the stock course and did a course walk.  After that Julian Garfield led the kids around the course in his kart.  During that run through, Kieran's kart stalled when another kart stalled, so they missed the run through during the tricky part - and it showed.  Kieran went off course his next three runs, then Julian led him around again and he got it.  They ran the course for about 2 straight hours!  I can't even guess how many runs he got.  He enjoyed every minute of it, though, and I think all that seat time will really help him going into the season.

Unfortunately we found the next morning we found that something was wrong with his clutch - it wasn't acting like a clutch anymore.  So I ordered a bunch of clutch parts to try to get it fixed before this Sunday.