It's all coming together

posted Mar 15, 2010, 7:35 AM by Scoob Edoo
Let's review:

Scott's kart is the same, with the TM Moto engine running the show.  Chris Nonack will be co-driving this year.
Kieran's cadet kart, with Comer K80 is now running nicely.  Still need to add (huge amounts of) weight to it for FJB.
Killeen will be driving the kid kart for autocrosses this year.
We have a 6x12 enclosed trailer to haul the karts around.
We bought Kieran's racing kart for the HyperMoto kid racing league at NJMP.
I got a double-stacker kart stand from Danny Kao so we can easily carry 3 karts in the trailer now.
I did a group-buy for some MG Green tires for the season.  We bought 5 sets, 3 of which are for me/Chris.  The other 2 sets were for Simmons and Sal.

So the big news now is that Kieran's racing kart is a full-sized chassis!  I fit in it as it's currently set up, which means we need to adjust about 18" of reach for Kieran to fit.  That's a lot, folks.  Brian Garfield provided a cadet-sized seat and I found a used pedal riser/relocator on ekartingnews, so now I have a few weeks to get it set up for him before their practices start.  The HyperMoto series has 6 races this year and just about as many practice days as you could ever want.  Kieran was a bit reluctant initially, but now he's really looking forward to driving that kart.  [I drove it when we brought it home and it's a pretty fast kart.]

Chris came over to the house last Thursday night and we worked on getting the shifter ready for the 28th.  We completed all of the small tasks we had to do and spent some time getting the motor running, too.  It sounded great and everything looked and felt solid.  Only thing left to do on it is to safety wire/pin all of the necessary bolts.

This weekend we had Philly's last Winter series event @ Delaware park.  I was hoping that we would both be able to use that event to test out his new karts: him in the cadet and me in his racing kart.  The weather, however, had other plans.  We had rain like you can't believe Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We went down to the event hoping that it would dry out, but that plan did not work.  Sal and George were there driving George's kart, but it was fairly ridiculous with all of the standing water on course.  They were soaked to the bone, but the kart worked.

When we got home from the floood, I worked on the trailer, installing some more mounting points to hold all of the karts.  And I worked on shuffling all of the karts around so we'd be ready for a track day and/or the first autox of the season.  That's hard work as two of those karts are over 200 lbs - and Kieran is the proverbial 50 lb weakling still.  Next is figuring out a system for holding all of the spare tires/wheels we need.