posted Jul 25, 2014, 8:57 AM by Scoob Edoo
It's been a pretty quiet month with no autocrossing and getting shut out of the Wilmington Pro this weekend.  We'll be going to my folks' house instead.

In the meantime I mentioned iRacing to Kieran and he expressed an interest, so I got him setup and started with the Rookie Solstice on Lime Rock.  The rookie cars really are fairly easy to drive since they apparently deaden the inputs, really reducing the tendency to spin the RWD cars by jumping on or off the throttle too quickly in turns.  This was also the first time he'd tried shifting with a clutch, so there was a lot going on.  It took him about 10 laps to get within 1 sec of the theoretical minimum time for that car on that track and another few before he was about 0.5 sec off.  Amazing.

He tried a few different cars on a few circuits and he's getting the hang of them faster than I have been able to.  Another couple of sessions and he may be ready to try a race.

Next up is the Wilmington Tour next weekend.  Then kids (and wifey-poo) are back to school!