Hypermoto race 4

posted Aug 15, 2010, 5:57 PM by Scoob Edoo
After a week at the shore, we came home to find Kieran's new KT100.  I spent the rest of the Saturday getting it mounted "good enough" to get it started and hopefully well enough to run it at NJMP to break it in.  I also got mine mounted and started (yay!).  I had a problem with mine though - looks like one of my fuel pumps is gummed up or has failed and the excess fuel is spewing from the vent lines.

Anyway, we headed down to NJMP early Sunday to get some practice in the race kart.  It's been 6-8 weeks since he last ran it, so he had to get used to it and the new-ish track configuration.  He wasted no time and quickly got back up to speed, running in the 44-45 sec range.  It was also obvious that his governor was not working like the other Intermediate kids - and he was running 6-8 sec faster that the rest of them.  So we started making plans for him to run with the Advanced group.  I talked to a few guys about how to quickly defeat the governor.  That's when we found that a previous owner must have defeated it himself, but left the governor rod on so it appeared like it was still working.  So now that we know it's already done, we're going to investigate going all the way for this class.

The race schedule was shifted around today since we had lots of time and lots of kids; 15 kids showed up today!  We ended up running practice for 90 min, a 8-lap qualifying session, then 2 5-lap heat races.  He finished last in the first race after a spin in the first corner on lap 2, and was as high as 4th in the final, but finished 7th of 8 when his motor simply couldn't keep up with the ones with internal work done.  He wasn't very enthusiastic about those, but he knows we can make it faster relatively easily, so we'll be doing that before the next race (October).

The rest of the day we spent doing several sessions on the cadet, breaking in the KT100.  We displayed astonishing patience running the motor at 50-60% for 3 sessions, with complete cool-downs between.  After that, he got 2 sessions of flat-out running.  First session he was running 44-45 sec range and I was a little disappointed.  2nd session, however, he has someone faster chasing and someone slower to catch.  His times dropped down to the 42-43 sec range!  That's more like it.  That puts the cadet/KT 100 is the same range as his non-governed clone kart.  And I think the KT100 will loosen up a bit more and will go faster in short-order.  We'll try to do some more comparisons after we do some work on the clone.

So not a perfect day, but a successful one, nonetheless.