Hypermoto kid series

posted Apr 9, 2010, 12:25 PM by Scoob Edoo
Last night was Kieran's first practice session for the Hypermoto series.  It was the first time he'd even sat in the big racing kart since I finished up the modifications to allow him to (mostly) fit in this full-sized chassis.  We still need a small cushion in the back of the seat to push him a little more forward, but the pedal location worked well.

His first time out he cut short because the throttle was sticking (hey, I'm recognizing a theme here...).  We're not sure why, but there was no "return" spring installed on the throttle and we think maybe the governor is causing some interference, thus not allowing the throttle to return when released.  Jack added a temporary spring to make the throttle return and we were OK.

His second session everything was working beautifully.  But it turns out that either he was dragging the brake or it was seizing itself.  By the time he rolled into grid, the brake was torched and smoking.  The pad was white hot and clamped onto the disc.  With some time it released somewhat, to the point where it would roll, but it's still something I'll need to disassemble to see what I can do with it.

Since we arrived late, he only got the two sessions, but he showed himself that he could drive it and that he was faster than the old kid kart/C50 since he was running with one of those and going faster everywhere. 

Next up is trying to teach him that driving a 4-stroke is somewhat different from driving the 2-strokes he's had.  He's braking too much and letting off the gas too much.  He seems to be learning quickly, though, and he said he had fun doing it.  I hope we can do some real practice days where he can drive both karts to compare how his style works with each.  Probably be able to do that in a few weeks on a Saturday practice day.