Hypermoto #5

posted Jul 31, 2011, 6:22 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well, logistics kicked my butt again this weekend.  Went to get the trailer on Saturday afternoon only to find it locked up and secured... Rats.  But I maintained composure and went in to get a few items: gas, kart raiser, and the air tank so we could run his autocross kart.  So we got home and started packing the truck when Kieran asked, "Daddy, where is the starter for the kart?"  I hung my head - it was in the trailer.  But since we go south to get to NJMP, I said we'd stop back there on the way in the morning.

So in the morning we stopped back at Trailerama and got the starter and headed south, following the instructions on the GPS.  GPS took us the back roads that took about 20 minutes longer than going the highway, but at least there was no real traffic and I didn't have the trailer, so it wasn't all bad.  So we got to NJMP and I went to find Scott to ask him about Kieran running this kart with the Hypermoto Advanced kids since I thought the times should be very close.  He agreed to allow this (assuming the timings were similar) so Kieran could run with someone since no one else locally runs the Junior Sportsman class.

Practice went OK, but the kart didn't seem particularly fast since I hadn't changed any of the carb settings, but it showed that he had pretty similar pace, albeit about 1-2 sec slower than Patrick who is usually about 0.3-0.5 sec faster than Kieran.  So for the qualifying session, I played with the carb a bit and told him to come in if it wasn't working well.  He did and I adjusted and a lap later he came in again and I found that my first adjustment had essentially closed the low speed jet, so I corrected that and adjusted the high speed a little and sent him back out.  That did the trick.  He was moving along pretty well and qualified 4th out of 6.  One of the problems he was having was that he had grip everywhere on that kart.  Since that class runs the small tires front and back, I thought he'd be slipping a lot.  But the 28mm chassis and the 30mm axle offer a lot of chassis flex, so grip was abundant.  I kept adjusting the air pressures up to get him some slip, but it never came.  Importantly he learned that with that much grip he could take turn one A LOT faster than he can with the race kart.

I haven't seen the time sheet yet, but I venture to say his times in the race were faster than in qualifying mainly due to the speed he found in turn one.  He finished 3rd after Nathan ran off course a few times pushing hard for 2nd and Barry lost his chain (again).

So what did we learn?  Mostly that the KT100 in FJB guise is a match for the Hypermoto Advanced motor.  I will use the data from this race and the previous two to show that the two motors are similar and use that to submit to SCCA.