posted May 1, 2011, 6:46 PM by Scoob Edoo
Man, what a day.  Up and out just after 6 this morning and drive an hour and a half to NJMP.  The tow down went very well - I love the hitch!  We got there at 7:40 and started getting set up.  The schedule was eventually determined to put the Hypermoto Advanced and Outlaws practicing in the 7th (last session).  The club race scene was very different from the Hypermoto-only scene last year.  But it was great to be involved in the overall event, with times mapped out for us, an announcer keeping us on track, and the ability to watch other karts and lots of different classes.

We managed to get the carb figured out somewhat today when Jack diagnosed an air leak at the carb junction.  I pulled the carb and found that the o-ring in there was not seated correctly and that was causing the air leak.  I fixed that and Jack gave me a paper gasket to add in there and tightened it up - bam, it worked perfectly.  I also adjusted the idle a little and raised the needle to try to give a little more top end.  On the stand I ran it up to about 7300 rpm with little effort.  After those adjustments, we had no problems with the motor.

The brakes, however, gave us another problem at the end of the heat race (he got 3rd).  Kieran lost one of the brake pads on the cool-down lap, spun, got going again, then realized that he had no brakes and had to ditch into the grass while switching off the motor.  Saved his little butt and the kart with his quick thinking, but it scared him.  Some new pads from Jack and he was ready for the feature race.

At the start of the feature, everyone found out that you can't go 4-wide into turn one.  About half the field was involved in one way or the other and they red-flagged it to clean up.  The red flag led to some interesting "uh-oh" moments as the kids came flying onto the front straight and killing the brakes hard to stop.  About half of them, including Chase and Kieran spun spectacularly, but no wrecks.  They got the mess cleaned up and did a standing restart where Kieran jumped into 2nd place in the Advanced class, behind Chase, and held off Patrick for the rest of the time to finish that way.

Overall a beautiful and perfect day (70 and mostly sunny for most of the day) and no damage.  Only $30 for new brakes.  The trip home was also uneventful.  Yay!