Holy cow it's been awhile

posted Jun 29, 2013, 7:52 PM by Scoob Edoo
OK, so let's recap the last 2 months.  Unfortunately there's not a lot of activity to report.  The weather never did cooperate for us to get to the Mooresville Motorplex before Spring Nationals.  So we got everything packed up on the little trailer for the trip.  And since it was spring, we got it ready to get wet by covering the karts with their covers then partially covering the entire front part of the trailer with a tarp.  Good thing, too, since we ran into all kinds of stormy weather on the trip out there and then at the event.  In fact these were incredible storms that had earlier hit Oklahoma City, generating massive tornadoes and killing people.  I drove 11 hours straight after leaving after work.  We got to Lincoln as scheduled and got prime paddock space and made sure it was well-packed again for storms.  And the storms didn't disappoint - 3" on the 2nd and 4th days.  For us, the rain was actually the most memorable part of the trip since my kart was not well set-up for concrete and I was well off the pace.  I didn't even run on the 2nd day of the Pro because of the rain, but I did make Kieran run in his first ever rain event(!) for the family and friends who came to watch in the deluge we had.  He spun all of his wet runs and several of his dry runs over the long weekend.  Still coming to terms with that heavy pendulum on the right rear.

I had issues with my ignition in addition to the grip issues and decided to fore-go day 4 runs, too, after the early morning deluge.  I figured it would be better to hit the Omaha Zoo with Darby and the rest of the family instead.  So I packed up the trailer and took it to Grandma's house.  The zoo was incredible as usual.

I drove back with Rhys while the rest of the family stayed for another day and then went to California for a few weeks.  I made the trip in one go, taking 16 hours and getting in at 1 am.  Nice to get back to my own bed.

Since then there has been little activity.  I did drive to Knoxville to autocross the FR-S the day before the family came home.  It was a good day and the car is a blast to autocross, even without any suspension work or even an alignment.  I improved times every run while playing with tire pressures.  I eventually settled on 36F and 34R as the starting point for any future autocrosses with the car on those tires.  Finished 6th in PAX for the day.

So finally we get to today.  Finally the weather cooperated and Kieran and I went down to the new kart track (now named the GoPro Motorplex) for a nice practice session.  First, let me say how nice the facility is.  Really nice.  The track is fast and technical, with blind crests in a few spots due to the natural elevation change there.  Nice people and first class amenities.  Similar to F1NJ but without all of the distraction (and hassle) of the Lightning track surrounding the kart track.

We tried a few differences on Kieran's kart to see if they could help him with the weight imbalance.  We narrowed the rear track and he couldn't feel much difference, then we widened the front to help him jack better and I think that helped him.  Before we could to try the widening of the rear track his floating sprocket carrier failed catastrophically ending his day.  But the "good" of this was finding the facility's kart store is very well stocked, indeed.  We were able to buy a 40mm solid sprocket carrier and now there won't be any trouble for Kieran running at Summer Nationals next week.

For my kart, I was looking to loosen the kart for the concrete we'll be seeing for Summer Nationals and then the Wilmington, Ohio National Tour in August (the only two remaining events on the schedule for us).  So I tried several things in sequence: widening the rear track to 55", removing the rear sway bar, removing the seat stays.  It actually felt pretty good on that track without the bar and with the wide track.  Removing the seat stays gave an odd hop to the rear axle that I'll have to try out in Blytheville.

And one other bit of news: I'll be driving with Schumacher Taxi Service again!  This time is in a real 24 hour race at VIR with ChumpCar!  The race is the 2nd weekend in August and it will be in the team's Mustang with new motor swapped in.  Excited!