posted Dec 31, 2011, 9:13 AM by Scoob Edoo
It's been an eventful few weeks: we decided sorta last minute to drive out to Nebraska for Christmas.  Darby was going to come out but the flights were ridiculously expensive so it was just us.  We made good time and really took advantage of the beautiful weather most of the country has been experiencing during December.  No rain, no snow, and above normal temps the whole time.  We stopped in Akron on the way home and saw my folks.  Unfortunately the timeline was smushed because I needed to get back for a root canal (yay!).  We all survived another 2 days (22 hours out, and 23ish back) driving and the truck worked perfectly.  Everyone got good presents and the kids are happily playing with their new goodies.

My cylinder is done and should be back here in the next week or so.  CKT used Millenium for the replating and they fitted a new piston, so everything should be perfect for the season.  Now I'll get the ignition changed and the cylinder re-mounted and should be good to go on mine.

I bought a new neck brace to try out next season: An EVS RC3.  It's a glorified neck ring, but does appear to provide a little extra protection for the collarbone in the event of an accident.  It's not quite in the same league as Kieran's EVS Evo, but it's also 1/4 the price and it's mainly for me to autox and occasionally sprint race.  Requests for my own EVS Evo went unanswered (they were on sale for half-price on Amazon for a few weeks), so I'll see how the RC3 works instead.

Happy New Year!