Holbert Memorial weekend

posted May 19, 2010, 7:35 AM by Scoob Edoo
The weather was PERFECT for the Philly Region's 2-day Al Holbert Memorial Autox at Citizen's Bank Park 15-16 May.  All of the karts were in working order and we set off to see what Killeen had learned at the school and to see what Kieran's cadet could do.  Just in case, we also brought his race kart (the hope was that he could run it for fun runs to see how the two karts compared on the same course on the same day).  We had made the determination to try a new format for the kids starting with Saturday's event: instead of running all their runs at once, we would split their runs into 2 groups, to be run at the beginning of one heat and then the 2nd group to be run at the beginning of the next heat.  So that was 2 runs early, then 2 more runs later - so the parents had a chance to talk about the course with the kids and the kids could think about the course and where to go faster, where they went off course, etc.

So Saturday morning I focused on getting the cadet running and it did.  When it was time for Kieran and the kids to go, we moved the karts over to the start line (1/2 course on Saturday's HUGE course) and tried to start it with the electric starter.  When it caught, I didn't pull the starter out fast enough and rounded off the starter nut... I had to take the other kids out for their parade lap and I told Kieran to go back to the trailer and ask for George and Sal to help get the race kart out and ready.  By the time I finished the parade lap, he was already at the start line!  Great friends make this sport so much fun!

So he ran the race kart on Saturday and I made plans to put the other starter nut on Sunday morning so he could run the cadet.

Killeen ran the event in the kid kart and even though it was a complicated course, she and Ella had a great battle on Saturday.  They are both picking up the ability to read the course, so (relatively) soon we should be able to not run portions of the course to help them.

I ran, along with Sal and George.  Ross W also came out in his kart.  My motor was stumbling pretty badly all day, and I don't know why.  Maybe some old fuel?  Maybe a plug that was going.  Or maybe it was jetted wrong for the heat of the day.  I changed plugs before Sunday and had no problems.

Sunday morning brought new adventures.  Again I was getting the cadet ready and I was using the starter to start the K80 when the starter stopped working.  I used JR's charger to charge the battery, but it still wouldn't work when off the charger.  Maybe the battery is dead?  It never ends.  And since the pull-starter on the motor had pulled and stayed out on Saturday morning, we again had to go to the back-up plan and Kieran drove the race kart instead.  I love the 4-stroke motor more and more every time we use it.  No muss, no fuss.  It starts every time with minimal effort , with the turn of a key or a quick pull-start, and doesn't stall or foul plugs.

I got Kieran and Vicky to run the full course on Sunday, with Killeen and Logan running 1/2 course.  It was a VERY fun course and Kieran was flying!  He got down to a 62.3 which was faster than some novices for the day in their cars.  I'm convinced that the cadet would have been faster, too, so I really need to get it working in the next few weeks so he'll be ready at the DC Pro.

Killeen and Logan had an epic battle going on, being separated by a mere 10th of a second after the first 2 runs.  And it stayed that way after the 3rd runs, with both taking huge chunks of time off.  Then on their 4th runs, Logan got braver than Killeen and he went much faster and took the win.  But Killeen made huge strides in only her 2nd event, so this should be another great season for battles in the two classes.

My kart ran much better on Sunday, with the new plug.  And we ran earlier, so the air was cooler.  But I was still slow compared to Sal and George, and never got a great run where I put it all together.  And even though the course was a great one, the surface was not - lots of washboard and the karts were never settled.  But it was a heckuva weekend and we all had a great time.