Holbert Day 2

posted Jun 3, 2009, 6:37 PM by Scoob Edoo
Day 2 was another perfect day - 80 degrees and mostly sunny.  In the PM we got some dark clouds and a few sprinkles, butg overall a great day.

The course on Sunday was a lot more technical than Saturday's really fast course.  It was mostly the same course, with the same two optional slaloms, but run in the opposite direction as Saturday.  It was a blast in the kart, but I kept going to what I thought was the fast side on the return slalom, only to be caught out by the speed and setup on entry to that side.  After competition runs were complete, we ran an eliminator challenge and I tried entering the other way.  I knocked off another 1.1 sec from my previous fast run, so I learned something about walking versus driving the kart.

Also during my first run in the eliminator, my tires were cold and somewhat under-inflated (due to the aforementioned cloud-cover after setting everything up in the blazing sunshine).  So I was very loose on the way out and spun for my first time - and stalled.  But the kart continues to start easily (1st pull in the morning!) and ran very well.  And since the course was more technical, I actually got to use my brakes during the runs - hard, in fact.  Everything is working pretty well.

I picked up some MG Yellows and will be keeping up with any MG Green deals on eBay and ekartingnews.com.

Next up, Finger Lakes National Tour in 10 days.