Holbert Day 1

posted May 30, 2009, 5:25 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well that was fun!  I widened the rear track by 2 inches and mounted the MG Whites on the front (still have Vega Whites in the rear) this week.  I also rebuilt the master cylinder for the front to clean out the cylinder.  I have the wrong seal so I need to but two new cups to rebuild the front and rear correctly.

Anyway, onto the event.  Kieran's kart is running better, but he ran into the same issue as before with the clutch not fully disengaging during the first part of his runs.  Then it will suddenly kick in (out, actually) and he's off.  Might need to change those clutch springs after all.

Better news is that my kart worked pretty well out off the trailer.  Started right up, though I still need to set the idle so it will stay running.  The wider rear track caught me out fir my first three runs, clipping the 2nd cone each time.  On my third run, I downshifted to third and my chain popped - at the furthest part of the course, so I missed out on my 4th run while Pete and I jury-rigged a new link and got it running again for fun runs.  A few folks wanted to try it out, so Kurt K and Eric S both took some runs and got addicted.  I ran three runs and managed to improve my time, clean from earlier.  Still I was well-off the pace from Sal, in particular.  He ended the day in 1st place overall with a faster run in the FM car than I had in my kart!  It was a fast course, and I don't think I touched the brake on course!

Day two has us reversing the course and run order, so I'll be running first heat.  Hope for some sun to help warm up those tires!