Have I told you lately that I hate my kart?

posted Apr 28, 2009, 8:51 AM by Scoob Edoo
Well, I got everything on the kart, set up, secured, and presumably working.  Motor, ignition, exhaust, new chain, etc.  I merrily went to (finally) dismantle the rear caliper to see if I could clean it or if I'll need new seals.  I loosened the rotor from the axle so I could slip the caliper over and off.  I went to the brake lines and tried to remove the line from the caliper - the brass elbow broke off in the line nut.  ARRRRGGGGHHH!

I ran to autozone to see if they had something for me, but it turns out that my Haase caliper has a non-standard fitting.  So even though Ted brought some elbows that should have worked, the thread pitch was wrong and I couldn't use it.  Now I'm on a mission to find an elbow or two that will fit - I haven't tried to remove the other brake line yet, so there's a probability that it, too, will break.

I'm almost positive that I'll get to drive this kart sometime.  Almost.