Grand-Am weekend

posted May 3, 2009, 6:56 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well, it wasn't the prettiest weekend, but it was a great race weekend.  We had spotty drizzle on Saturday for the Speed WC Touring and GT races, then pretty much dry conditions for the Koni Challenge race on Saturday afternoon.  Then Sunday it pretty much rained or drizzled all day for practice, qualifying and the Rolex race and the Mustang Challenge race.  The Rolex race was wet from the start and we got to see a downforce display of the Krohn car running away from the field over the last 45 min to lap about half of the DP field.  The GTs were closer, but most of the racing was back in the 2-4 spots to keep us entertained between caution periods.

Where we were sitting we never saw any accidents.  Spins, yes.  Rubbing, yes.  But for as much possibility as there was for wrecking in that large area (we were sitting outside the "octopus" section, turns 6 through 10 or 11, for all of the races) it was remarkably clean.

Randy Pobst did very well on Saturday.  He and K-PAX teammate Andy Pilgrim dominated qualifying for the Speed GT race, then Andy took off at the beginning of the race.  I don't know what happened but he must have gone off in the 2nd or 3rd lap and had to fight back to the front from way down.  It's safe to say that the new Volvo S60R is a strong car - too strong as is.  Even without damp conditions, the AWD car would have dominated, so expect the SCCA to impose some hefty changes on them to even up the field again.

Scott Pruett didn't fare as well on Sunday - the Ganassi team experienced several problems with their windshield wiper that cost them a few pit stops and lots of time working it out, so they were never in it once the heavier rain started.  Several cars experienced problems with inside windshield fogging - a few were crawling around the track not being able to see anything for awhile.  No AC in those cars, I guess...

Anyway, lots of friends from Philly region stopped by the tents and stayed dry with us on Sunday.  We had great food and great comeraderie.  Overall a good weekend.