GoPro track day

posted Aug 2, 2015, 6:52 AM by Scoob Edoo
After a few tries we finally found the perfect day to hit GoPro with Sinea and Kieran.  We drove over early in the morning and got there before 10 am since it was forecast to be in the 90s we wanted to get in and out before it got too hot.  Sinea agreed to go fast this time since it was her only shot this year.  And she came through - she was full throttle for the first time and was running overall pretty good times.  She wasn't very smooth and she didn't listen about tracking out after corners, but she was on it and having fun.  She wore herself out so it was a good day for her.

Kieran had a fun day.  He was trying to drift more than be smooth so his times were suffering.  He eventually experienced an odd problem that I couldn't successfully diagnose but I think must ultimately be a broken carb boot because the motor was reaching full revs at only partial throttle.  So obviously the carb was getting more air than it should but I didn't see anything so I adjusted the throttle cable to compensate and he went out and ran in the 58s close to where he should have been.  In the last session the problem got worse and he just bagged it after one lap.  Sinea also finished a lap later, saying her neck was hurting from sideways loads.

We also got news that the track's new sound meter was measuring Kieran's motor at 88 db, so we'll need to buy the other silencer to run at the track next time since their limit for 4-strokes is 85 db.  He's previously been measured right at 85 so this was a bit surprising.  But it was a new meter and presumably they have it set correctly.  To be investigated.

School starts tomorrow, so that may be it for track time until October's Fall Break.