GoPro track day

posted Jun 16, 2015, 11:34 AM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Jun 16, 2015, 11:36 AM ]
Despite the heat and the fact that GoPro no longer allows kid karts or run on Sundays(?!), the forecast was dry so we drove over and Kieran and I spent a few hours getting good seat time.  All of the female family members continued on to IKEA in Charlotte.
First order of business was to get new tires for both of us - the MMX-A is the standard Hoosier for the track so I bought two sets and had their mechanic mount them for us.  Kieran's motor started on the first pull which was nice.  I figured he was geared too short, but needed a benchmark time and RPM range for him, so he went out and immediately started running times in the 58s, so pretty good!  Unfortunately that session ended when his clutch bolt loosened and allowed the chain to come off, bending the axle sprocket on the way out.  The bolt, washers, and chain were lost to the track somewhere, so I replaced all of that and the sprocket (77 down to a 75) and he was ready to go back out.  No problems for the rest of the day for him (yay!) except running out of fuel.  We bought some MS98 at their pump and he ran a few more sessions with no problems.  And it also sounds like he could use a 74 or 73 sprocket at this track since he was hitting the limiter about half-way down the back straight once he got more familiar with the kart and the new tires.
After getting him running consistently I hopped in mine and scrubbed in the tires in my first session.  The tires came in very quickly and I began pushing harder and harder until the tires exceeded my mental ability to go faster in a few of the corners; they seemed stickier than the MG Greens did in the past, probably because the Greens get greasy at higher temps, so after only a few laps.  I went through the rest of the VP 110 I'd bought in Lincoln but was wiped out by the end of my last session.  I stopped just as the ladies got back from IKEA so we started getting the trailer sorted again for reloading.  Kieran went out for one more session while I tried to stay hydrated.  The temp reached 93+ and lots of humidity, so I was whooped until I got in the truck's AC when we left.  Spent the entire trip home getting rehydrated.
Kieran was running in the 57-58 sec range with more possible with better gearing and some chassis tuning.  I was in the low 50 sec range which wasn't bad for the heat and humid conditions, but I know there's more out there with some tuning, especially of the chassis.