Good news on motors!

posted Jul 5, 2010, 7:31 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well, I found a Honda Mod Moto for sale on ekartingnews that sounds great and the price was right, so I pulled the trigger today.  I can't wait to get it strapped onto the kart to see how it feels versus the Suzuki.

I talked to Tom Barth at Green Flag Karting (a TM expert) about the problems experienced with the TM Moto at the beginning of the season.  He suggested I take a look at the clutch actuator rod to see if maybe some additional length might help disengage the clutch.  So tonight I took off the actuator cover and pulled the rod out, only to hear something inside fall down when I did.  I knew that wasn't right, so I removed the clutch cover to dive in and find the problem.  I was surprised that the whole clutch basket was sliding in and out very easily and that's when I saw that the nut that is supposed to hold it on was completely off the spindle.  So what was happening when I pulled the clutch was that the whole basket was moving - to the point where it was rubbing the clutch cover.  So I put everything back together again and now the clutch actually shows signs of disengaging when I pul the lever.  In fact, the clutch actuator arm is in an entirely different location from before and the range of movement is MUCH better.  I am very happy with this and I'm hoping that solving this mystery will magically solve the two problems I'd been having: the clutch not fully disengaging and the ability to find neutral when the motor is running.  I don't know that the neutral issue will be solved, but with a working clutch, I'm much less worried about that than I had been.

So if the TM is now fixed and the Suzuki is running right, I could have 3 working motors in the next week.  I'll need time to confirm that everything is OK, but I think one of them will have to go (and it won't be the Honda...).

Next up is my brake issue.  After some searching and reflection, I decided to rebuild my old master cylinders from the old chassis and use those instead of the two different (but brand new) masters I had acquired.  The master that Pete had wasn't a match to either of the two I had, so going back to the masters of old seemed like the best (and least expensive) option.  I ordered a bunch of replacement stuff for those and I'm waiting for that box to show up so I can rebuild and install those on the new chassis before we leave for the Finger Lakes Tour this Friday.  Will be nice to have a running kart for one of these National events...