Giddy with anticipation

posted Apr 3, 2009, 6:53 PM by Scoob Edoo
Only one more day until the Philly TnT event.  I will be taking Kieran's kart and mine for this test event.  Hope to get them both teched for the season and I plan on working on mine throughout the day and driving it quite a bit, assuming all the bits work...  Kieran's is ready to go with all new wheels and the excellent used tires I picked up from a guy on ekartingnews.  Got the nasal fairing installed and all of the numbers and classes for both karts this week.  I took a few hours the other day to get all of the mounting points secured and took the trailer out for a test drive.  Karts are held securely front to back and side to side, but vertical motion is still possible, so I need to find a solution for that tomorrow.  I also still need to find some time to tear into the brakes to see if the seals are completely shot or if they just need to be cleaned.  Tomorrow is Keen's birthday, so it will be difficult to get them done.  Maybe during the event on Sunday which is a pretty loose affair, so lots of time and few people to bother me - but I'd rather drive than play mechanic...

With any luck, we'll have some time to get Kieran into his kart for a run or two just to give him his first experience in a controlled setting.