Gearing up for the 2016 season

posted Apr 18, 2016, 5:24 PM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 5:29 PM ]
I rebuilt my motor a few months ago with no problems.  Finally this weekend was nice enough and I had some time on Sunday so I pulled out the trailer and started Kieran's up easily - it ran well.  Then I spent a few hours installing my motor and getting new fuel lines, etc, installed.  Took a bit of effort to start - seems like a vacuum leak from the main fuel pump so I had to prime the carb with a load of fuel and it then started and ran well.  Since the last time we ran the karts was at GoPro, we both still had the Hoosiers on, so Kieran and I swapped all of those off for our MGs.  I did not remember about the weight we took off Kieran's until I'd put them all back away, so I will still need to add some weight at Bristol after getting it weighed and teched.  Kieran probably weighs 10 lbs more this year than last since he's eating more.

Other items: I needed a new helmet and so did Sinea, so I got those around Christmas.  Sinea's is pink.  Mine is steel grey.

I finally found a source for my race fuel - the gas station near the airport, off TN36 has a 110 pump with TurboBlue right out in front!  Yay!  And still only $7/gallon.

Yep, Bristol is getting a National event where we can run karts!  ETR is putting on a Match Tour in mid-May and the best news is that BMS repaved the really nasty section of the lot we use and of course that karts can run (by avoiding the one pole with guide wire).  And we're having more than just this event at BMS this year, so we'll be able to run close to home for a few events.

Still need to buy the Canadian exhaust to run the WF at GoPro.

I was planning to run several National events this year and head to Nationals in Sept, but it's just not going to work with our participation in TKD regionals and Nationals again this year - simply not enough vacation time to go around.  But I do still plan to hit the Bristol MT, Spring Nats Champ Tour and Pro, and the Blytheville Pro.  Maybe one other event depending on my ability to get entered in a timely fashion.