posted Apr 14, 2010, 5:49 AM by Scoob Edoo
My clutch problem and oil leak was ultimately due to the stripped threads for the bolt at the bottom of the clutch actuator assembly.  I replaced the 6mm bolt with a 1/4" bolt and it held, but the clutch still isn't fully engaging on the TM.  Chris and I both got one good run at Sunday's course, then a new problem crept up - we could not get Neutral while the motor is running.  Makes it very difficult/impossible to stage so we had to give up on my kart again!  Very frustrating and is leading me to ditch the TM for the Suzuki this week.  Transplant will happen when I can get the trailer over here.  Probably Saturday.

Kieran's K80 was also out of commission due to the torched spark plug.  I couldn't find an adequate replacement before Sunday, so he ran the kid kart instead.  And man was he fast in it!  On a 40-ish sec course, he was only about 2 seconds slower than where I thought he'd be with the new kart.  It took him a few runs to get back in the swing of things, but he dropped time for his first 7 runs, I think.  And his video showed that he had more time to make up if he'd stayed closer to the cones in several key spots.

The rebuilt K80 is coming back from Wisconsin this week, so I will transplant that one in time for this weekend's Jr kart school.  And this will be Killeen's formal debut in her kart.  We have several new kids to teach at the school this weekend and we should have a pretty good mix of girls (3) and boys (4 or 5).

I gave up hope on our starter (that came with the cadet).  I think the starter motor is shorted (or just too old).  So I broke down and ordered some recoil starter replacement parts for the current pull-string starter - and Brian Garfield is selling me their old KT100 starter.  So we should be covered for the K80s for a few years (at least).  I'm also going to start watching for a Briggs World Formula motor to try out on the cadet in the future.  4-strokes are much easier to deal with - they start easier and don't stall, usually, out on course.  We could even rig up an electric start like his racing kart has.  But all the good deals on those have dried up for this year - and I've been told that the size of the WF is somewhat larger than the Comer or Yamaha motors, so it might not be the best fit on a cadet chassis.  So I'm trying to focus on the K80 for now.