For better or worse...

posted Aug 31, 2010, 3:16 AM by Scoob Edoo
It's time to get ready for Lincoln and neither of us had stellar weekends.  Kieran's kart was starting/running fine, but the clutch was engaging too low (I can fix this pretty easily) and the carb was staying on the low side for far too long.  Changing the clutch engagement point will help problem number two somewhat, but I still need to tweak the carb, too - and I'm not looking forward to that since this carb is notoriously picky.

My kart had a few issues, too.  The motor kept moving and it took us a while to figure it out.  The articulating, free-heel mount had dropped a bolt from the rail, so the motor was sliding along the rail freely, causing the chain to go slack.  I replaced that and set the motor to tighten the chain, but then my motor stop/chain tensioner bolt was too short to keep it from moving.  So on my one run, I started out fine, but somewhere along the line the motor shifted (sliding the mounts) , the chain went slack, my rear sprocket came loose, and I lost drive.  Of course this was at Warminster, at the far end of the runway, so I (and JR- Thanks) had to push it most of the way back to the paddock.  In the process I'd lost the keyway, so that kart was finished for the day.

At least George was there and running both of his karts and he let Chris drive his kart for his runs.  I hopped in (Thanks, George) and took one complete run and caught a cone in the Chicago box, screwing up FTD and 1st place in F125.  C'est la vie.

So we're not exactly peaking right now, but the motors are working OK and just a few minor tweaks should be able to make us both competitive for the Pro Finale and Solo Nats.  We're finishing packing tonight and leave early tomorrow for the long haul.  21 hours each way, by myself.  Should be interesting and fun!