Fixed and another Philly event in the books

posted Jun 28, 2009, 5:56 PM by Scoob Edoo
So I went looking for the terrible noise the motor was making at Finger Lakes.  I drained the oil and looked at it for shavings and broken cogs, but nothing.  I took the spark plug out and looked at the piston - OK there, too.  I asked around to see if it sounded familiar, but got lots of varying advice to tear the whole motor down to look for problems.  I had only a few days since we hit the beach for 4 days, so I decided to play with the chain to shorten it.  I took off the motor mounts to play with the chain I heard a strange noise when moving it.  Turns out that the stator cover had come completely loose and was rattling on the motor and seat!  That was easy!

Today we had another event at Citizen's Bank Park and three guys from the Washington DC region came up.  Danny brought Frank and Ed up with him, and we also got two other guys running an Easy kart (non-shifter), so we had a huge class of karts running.  Kieran and Vicky drove in FJC - full course this time - and Kieran came away with the win by exactly 2 seconds.  We're still having trouble with his clutch not fully engaging off the line and today he was losing at least 5 seconds waiting for it.  If we get that fixed, he'll be smoking fast!  I have a new clutch waiting to go on his kart, but I want to see if we can get down to run at NJMP and kill off that one before I change it.

Back to the F125 class, it was great to have the competition today, but the course ran over a couple of nasty bumpy parts and it got uncontrollable on my first two runs and I stalled on both just before the finish.  I got it reeled in on the next two runs, but was 2 or 3 seconds slower than Danny on the day - as was everyone else.  On a smoother course, we could have easily been 2 secs faster, but I had the bobble-head going and slowed down on my last two runs to try to keep it clean and not kill the kart.

Next event in 2 weeks on Saturday at Warminster and Danny said he'd try to come up with those guys again.  WDCR has an event scheduled on Sunday, so I might consider doing that double weekend with Kieran.