posted Apr 15, 2010, 5:30 PM by Scoob Edoo
I went and got the trailer today after work and focused on my kart.  I swapped the brake line for the rear brake - the old one was frayed and apparently leaking fluid (and sucking air).  Quick and easy.  Then I focused on my motor.  I took the TM off complete with intake, carb, and exhaust.  I had to swap out the throttle cable for the carb and I had to rewire the clutch (time to buy a replacement, too - this one is at the end, literally).  Installed the shift rod.  I had to fab up something for the mounting of the exhaust, but it's all on there.  I need one short exhaust spring and I'll be set. 

I still need to complete the throttle routing and bleed the brake, but it should be ready for the TnT on Sunday.

Next I installed the new spark plug in the K80 and tweaked the air/fuel mix and pulled the starter one time and it started right up.  I need to play with the idle some, but it started!  And the new motor will be here tomorrow, so we can play with both of those during the TnT, too.