First event in the books

posted Mar 20, 2011, 6:36 PM by Scoob Edoo
What a week/weekend.  Got the trailer finished Friday at 5:15 and brought it home.  They had set up the hitch 'stinger' for a 2" drop and that was WRONG.  Worst 15 mile drive ever.  Pogo'd like crazy the whole way.  Quite scary, really.  But I got it here and flipped the stinger to make it a 2" lift and that helped immensely for the drive down to Dover on Sat afternoon.  The weather had been so nice on Friday and Saturday, so camping in the trailer seemed like a good idea - until the temp dropped to 36... I woke up freezing (the kids didn't flich - just stayed cuddled up in their beds) with the wind blowing a stiff wind and making the electric door swing back and forth right around where my head was (but on the outside).  So I proceeded to spend 1.5 hours trying to get the furnace to work.  I read a lot and went outside a lot, and finally got the propane tank to 'reset' itself and start sending gas to the furnace - Ahhhh, HEAT!  I got a few more hours and in the interim figured out a way to get all 4 karts in the trailer with the generator and other goodies, so it wasn't a total loss.  I made a few more adjustments for the drive back home and they worked even better, so I still have a few things to do to make it a perfect driving rig.  And have I mentioned how much I love my 7.3 diesel?

So Sunday morning arrived and we had a full event, with about 160 drivers.  The course was a nice layout, but the lot is very bumpy for karts.  Scared Kieran on his first run and he took it quite gingerly the whole day.  But the kart ran like a champ and the motor gave zero problems all day.  Kept the crank lubed and it was engaging right at 6500 rpm, so we're set up for that kart.  Killeen is back and the kid kart was fully operational - as usual.  But she was taking things more than gingerly - she was running at half-speed and about 20 sec behind Logan on the half-course they ran.  But she had fun and took it all in stride.  We'll have to talk about whether or not she wants to continue.  She had fun with the kids, though.

My runs were a mixed bag.  Started off OK, even with cold tires, but one cone on the first run.  2nd run was was even better, but I still left 1.5 sec or more out there.  Runs 3 and 4 were problematic - not sure if it was me or my brakes, but I pushed off-course on both of those runs.  So I watched my lead dwindle and I finished maybe mid-pack out of the 9 of us.  But no one's kart broke at the event and everyone had a great time.  Even Hugo.  It was Hugo's first event in his kart and he was so happy it hurt.  Methinks he is hooked.

Next event is Kieran's first practice in the Hypermoto series on Saturday.  Gotta get that motor on in my 'spare' time this week (after going to Baltimore for 2.5 days).