Finishing up the new kart

posted Feb 26, 2014, 7:21 PM by Scoob Edoo
On Sunday I took some more time and effort to get the clutch cable wired up - easier said than done, unfortunately.  The cable I had was so frayed at the end that I couldn't get it snaked through the clutch handle, so I swapped to another one.  After some wrangling I got it all hooked up, but it seems to be getting stuck in the sheath due to a few stray strands I guess.  I ordered a few new cables and will probably swap it out for a new one that I'll need for the season.

I also got the new fuel lines run, with a fuel filter (!).  I think I'm ready to mix some fuel and start breaking in the new piston soon.

I transferred my MyChron Gold to the new kart because the one that came on it was only a regular MyChron 3 with only one temperature input.  I hooked up both the water temp and the exhaust temp sensors so I will be able to better keep my eye on the cylinder temp and better tune the carb by watching the exhaust temp.

I do still need to get the thing weighed and try to weight-balance it somewhat, but I need some nice weather again.  We went from 60s and 70s over the weekend to 15 tonight.  Hopefully we'll get into the 50s and I'll be able to fill the radiator and get it started a few times.  Then I'll need to get the new one on the bottom of the double-stacker and Kieran's repositioned on the top

I transferred my old tires to the new one so I should be good for the first local event on 9 March.  I still need to mount some new tires for both karts, but especially for mine before the Blytheville Pro on the weekend of the 22nd.