Finally, a trailer!

posted Dec 18, 2009, 6:45 AM by Scoob Edoo
Trolling Craigslist finally paid off this week.  I expanded my search area to cover Delaware and Northern Maryland and I found a trailer in Elkton, MD - about 80 miles away, but for a good price.  I talked to the lady and arranged to come down to see it/take it home on Wednesday afternoon.  I took a half-day off work, ran some errands, then drove down to her house.  The plan started unraveling when I got to her house - she was called into an important meeting and couldn't meet me.  So I played around with the trailer (it was open), took some pics, hitched it up (no hitch lock on, either) and took it for a drive around the neighborhood to see if it tracked straight.  She eventually made it home about 90 min later, but I had it all ready to go, signed the Bill of Sale, gave her the money and drove it home.  Made it just as the kids were going to bed.

The trailer is a Pace American that she bought from Home Depot in 2007 to haul her Harley.  The inside is painted and the floor and ramp are non-skid.  The overall condition is excellent and could look brand new with a wash.  She included the corner jacks to keep it from tipping during loading (when not hitched).  It also came with a wheeled jack on the tongue and a cool holder for the wheel.  And wheel chocks.  It's about 4-6" taller than the Excursion, so not bad.  If I were ambitious enough, I could look into a drop-axle to drop it down to level.  Maybe someday.

Width-wise it will fit in the garage, but height might be problematic.  I think if I let enough air out of the tires it will fit, but the roof vent is taller than I thought.  I'll transfer all of the kart stuff into it this weekend and take the current trailer over to PA for Pete (to haul Vicky's kart next year).  Then I'll try to get it in the garage.  The only other storage option is on the side of the house, but access is only by the neighbor's driveway so that's a challenge.  For the winter it might not be too bad to do that, assuming it fits that way...

Next up, designing and installing the shelf system to house two of the (smaller) karts above the bigger ones.  Also some wheel racks and other storage for our spares.  Pete will help me with that. 

Need to get some vinyl for the sides and back for Better Off Racing!