Ever so close

posted Mar 2, 2014, 4:23 PM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Mar 3, 2014, 1:54 PM ]
It was another perfect day temperature-wise, so I was back at it early.  First things first: raise the rear up to help with the weight shift toward the front.  It was pretty straightforward with the only issue being the seat struts being stressed a bit from the ~1 cm lowering, but nothing too bad.

Next I moved the lead weights around: I took the 10 lb off the seat and found a place on the floor pan just aft of the steering column.  Perfect fit.  Next I took the 5 lb from the bottom left side of the seat and put it on the top of the back of the seat.  The final piece was adding a little 2 lb at the very front middle using an extant floor pan hole.  So I will be a bit overweight, but the weight balance should be much closer to 43/57 like I want.

Next I put the new clutch cable in and it works perfectly.  Yay.

Next I took it out to weigh in the driveway.  Kieran wasn't available, so I had to guess at the actual weights, but it looks like I got somewhere between 165 and 170 front weight, just about where I needed to be.  While I had it out there I cleaned as much as I could with some degreaser and WD-40.  It looked good enough to take some pics, so I did.  Really is a pretty kart when (mostly) clean.

Satisfied with what I had done for the morning - and since Kerry and the girls were off shopping, I decided to start it up again to see what was going on with the fuel pump after yesterday's incident spewing fuel out the vent lines.  I had to pull quite a few times before I got any life and was starting to get worried.  I don't know what made me think to open the fuel tank, but when I did, it was pressurized!  The tank doesn't have a vent!  I tried my old cap, but it was too small, so I just put the correct cap on loosely and the motor started right up.  Whew.  Afterward, I drilled out the cap and installed the vent from the old cap so there won't be any more of the tank pressurization causing any problems.

Since the motor was running, I decided it was probably a good idea to make sure the clutch cable worked and the motor was strong, so I inched up the driveway and waited for the street to clear.  I took it on a few 100 yd dashes and the clutch, brakes, and throttle all worked well.  I was pleased.  Always good to hit the pipe.  I came back in and Kieran had popped out to see what I was doing.  I saw that my water temp was still low so I had him push me back so I could hit the street again.  This time I went a little farther and got through a few more gears and got a bit more temp in the motor.  I was VERY happy with the motor and the way the kart fits me.  Only issue I had was the nose was scraping on transitions since I still had the front lowered from yesterday.  So into the garage I went and raised the front back up to the middle position.  I doubt that had much, if any, effect on the weight distribution, so I was done for the day.

Kerry hadn't seen my request for JB Weld so I could fix the exhaust pipe, so I went out later to get that.  But before that I rearranged the karts so that mine is back on the bottom of the double-stacker and Kieran's is back on top.  I loaded up the trailer tool box with all of the spares and extras acquired over the winter, organized the tool box again, put the finishing touches on Kieran's (installed new CHT lead and the new sprocket protector) and loaded the karts back on the trailer.  I do have one problem, though - my old chassis is taking up space and I can't park the car in the garage.  I think I'll have to run it over to the big trailer and dump it in the garage.  But after this latest storm blows through tonight and tomorrow.

One week to the first ETR event.  We're both ready (except for my exhaust).  I'll get that done tomorrow night.