ETR Bristol event

posted May 10, 2014, 7:19 AM by Scoob Edoo
A picture-perfect day - so much so that we had TKD pics in the morning before I could head to Bristol.  Once there, I got the walk the course once with Kieran (HUGE! and potentially dangerous in a few sections).  The asphalt in a few sections cured me of even mentioning running a kart there.  I didn't even want to drive my car in a few spots!

Anyway, as usual, we started very late (11:36) and I ran in the first group.  There were several timing problems, computer problems, and lots of folks going off-course.  So what started late kept getting later.  Still it was a beautiful day and not too many people were complaining.  Second heat ran very smoothly but there were a few dangerous off-course events that kept the Safety Stewards on our toes.  Third heat I was actually working Safety while the Pro and other classes ran.  It was going relatively good when there was an on-course incident that no one even considered a possibility when walking or driving the course.  That led to a long delay while we cleaned up and my paperwork nightmare began.  I hate paperwork for incidents, but can't complain too much since it's only the 2nd write-up I've had to do in 8 years of being a SSS.

Ultimately we finished up just after 5:00 and we cleaned what we could and got out of there to get something to eat and get home to change for church.

On Sunday, I continued the paperwork nightmare, working on the interactive PDF version of the incident form.  I completed it just in time for my laptop to reboot itself after performing an update... I was not amused since you cannot save the form contents and all was lost.  So I had to start again and this time it worked.  I had taken some pictures of the course and the incident and I gathered all of those with the completed incident report and sent it all off to the SCCA's insurance company, Deena at SCCA, and David Steger, the SE Divisional SS.  No one needed to follow up with me on it, so I guess I did it right the first (OK, third) time.

Next up is Spring Nats in Lincoln in a few weeks.