Enduro #1

posted Nov 1, 2009, 6:47 PM by Scoob Edoo
Wow, what a rush.  Did my first enduro at Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix in New Castle, DE with the WDCR and Philly guys.  Unfortunately, Kieran is too small for these karts, so he could only watch us.  Julian Garfield was there and there was another 11-12 year old there, too.  Those teams were well up in the order, unsurprisingly, since those kids could run in the mid-20s while the other fast guys were in the low 21s.  Our team's kart had a wobbly seat - and I forgot my rib protector - so I was getting beaten up pretty badly during my stints with borderline spasm in my lower left back from using my legs to hold myself in position.  But I learned a lot throughout the day and got my times down to the mid-21s by the end of the day.  Ed Liu and I had a few battles during the 2nd stint, but my camera had the batteries die and I don't have my perspective to show.  Ed's video is up on youtube and you can see us battling for over 5 minutes straight at one point.

I replaced the batteries for the last stint and put up a short video of a few of my passes on youtube.  Time to got take some meds for my back - and my elbow is pretty stiff, too...  Good thing I have a few days of R&R coming up at the end of the week.