DC Pro recap

posted Apr 16, 2012, 11:15 AM by Scoob Edoo
It was a near-perfect weekend for the Pro at FedEx Field.  Friday temps in the upper 60s, Sat temps in the 70s, and Sun temps in the upper 70s and low 80s.  The courses were pretty similar, as usual, but they had their individual challenges in addition to the similarities.: Both starts were all the way up the hill, both had roughly the same layout toward the top and middle sections.  But the angle of the hill was greater on the left side - and the sealer was also worse on the downhill, off-camber section of the left side.  It made for challenging conditions.

First, Kieran:  We tried to gear his kart three different ways to get him up the hill faster, but it may have required more carb tuning than gearing changes because he never got the motor above 11,800 rpm, meaning he left about 1000 rpm in the motor.  That was very frustrating for me since his main competition was Trey White with a World Formula motor that torqued its way to the top of the hill in much better order than the KT100.  I felt badly for Kieran because we both fully expected him to come out of this weekend with a win.  But to give credit where it's due: Trey has come a long way in a short time.  Testament to Junior's teaching/coaching abilities.

Now, my trials and tribulations.  My kart actually ran pretty well all weekend and I have no complaints about that.  I did focus on driving more than set up for Saturday and I think I left a lot on the table by not rejetting according to the conditions.  For Sunday I made a few setup changes to give me some toe-out and a slightly wider rear track, just to change up some stuff.  I was going to install my rear sway bar, but it was, frustratingly, not in the trailer!  I must search for it in the garage and install it.  I want to get used to how it affects the handling at Warminster so I can play with it at Toledo again.

On Sunday the changes and the sunnier and warmer conditions were really helping with grip and I felt like I could attack the courses better.  Starting on the left side I thought would be an advantage to help me attack the right side were I was lagging about 1.5s back.  The left side had a few nasty bumps that actually caused some odd behavior on my second left run: upon downshifting the motor zinged up over 14.5k rpm and wouldn't shift for a few seconds afterward while I puttered around in 4th or 5th.  It was a bit disconcerting, but it ran normally after that and launched well, etc.  So I went for my last run on the right side with hot tires and proceeded to get a 0.483 red light.  I ran the course hard anyway and dropped 0.9 sec on the run, but all for naught.  I ended up in 8th for the event, where I started the day, but I  missed my opportunity to move up 3 or 4 more spots.  Maybe next time.

The other major event taking place was the fuel mileage for the tow down and back up.  This was the first trip of over 100 miles and now with a relative full load (almost full of water and a garage full of karts and supplies).  The trip down was 173 miles in 180 min, with minimal slow-downs and light traffic.  I parked the truck and we didn't use it again until I hitched the trailer up for the trip home.  It turned out to be about 177 miles due to a mistake on my part and 210 min due to much more traffic and delays, but still not bad for that trip.  After I dropped the trailer today I filled up again and calculated the mileage at 11.33 mpg.  That was better than I was expecting with the full load.  I think the longer trips should come in at about 12-13 mpg with longer stretches of no traffic and without needing to travel with the full water load.  I plan to talk to Jody @ DP Tuner to see what gains I might expect to see towing with an ECU chip.  If I can up the mileage to 16, I could save the cost of the chip between the two long trips coming up this summer (Toledo and Nebraska), not to mention the cost savings on an everyday basis.