Converting to the new chassis

posted Feb 22, 2014, 6:50 PM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Feb 23, 2014, 5:36 AM ]
I spent some quality time with the new kart this week.  I started by removing the ICC motor, exhaust, etc, and cleaned them up for shipping to Pete.  I get everything boxed up this morning and sent by UPS this afternoon.  Let's hope for a better outcome than we've both experienced over the last 11 months.

After that I got to focus on getting the old, broken seat off and my really well-fitting seat installed.  that took far too much time because the seat stays on this chassis are tighter and much less flexible to move out to accommodate my seat.  I finally got it figured out this afternoon and get it snuggly fit in a good position for me.  I lowered the steering wheel/column and it's very close to my old seating position on the old chassis, so I'm happy about that.  I did need to modify the radiator mount a bit to get it out of the way of my left elbow, but I think it will be OK where it is.  A few of the adjustable bolts are stripped, making that an issue for the future...

Next I focused on getting the motor situated.  That really highlighted another of the major differences between the chassis: the seating position is such that the motor is actually placed farther forward than I'm used to.  In fact I'm anxious to see how the corner and front/back weights are with the motor mounted where it is - which is really the only place I can put it.  There is a very small window of space where I can move it back and forth because it encroaches on my seat.  I had to rip off a few inches of the seat's lip where it was interfering with the motor's block.  Gear changes will be complicated by this lack of adjustability but I hope my weight balance will be pretty good as it sits.

I did have to modify my old shifter linkage to fit and I spend far too much time on that, too.  But once I got the main bend straightened a bit and added another bend to remove interference with the chain, I think it's working well.

The brakes on this kart are miles beyond the old chassis.  Like I'm concerned I'll be flat-spotting some tires good.  But that's better than my constant wondering how good the brakes will be today like I was doing with the old one.

Still to do:
Fuel lines and filter
Swap clutch cables
Swap MyChrons?  Need to know if the one on there is a 2 Temp model or not.  Probably not, so I'll need to swap.
Buy another scale and perform some basic front/rear weight measurements/adjustments.
Radiator hoses
Mount some new tires.