CMP Fall 2015

posted Oct 4, 2015, 7:58 AM by Scoob Edoo
We went into this race expecting to win if the Contour held together.  Even at the parade and party in Camden a few of our Class B competitors expected us to win it, so we were pretty confident.  The weather cooperated the entire weekend, so it all started so well.

Saturday morning rolled around and Brian got in the car first.  He wasn't blazing fast and reported what he thought was the clutch slipping which couldn't be right since we'd just replaced it at the CMP spring race.  Turned out he was likely just getting on the gas too early and he was overheating the clutch.  He backed off a little and was fine.  Next in was David who confirmed that the car was fine.  He ran times closer to what we'd expected, although with so many cars on track (113 or so) it was difficult to find open track to run good times, but he was in the right neighborhood.  Next in was Will who ran good times until late in his stint when he reported some hiccups.  He tried to warn me but I didn't understand how bad it was until I got in next.  I couldn't get on the gas for any period without the fuel cutting out, leaving my lurching on the racing line.  I eventually got it to a point where I was running consistent laps but 5-10 seconds slower than it should have been running.  And then something changed for the worse and it was cutting out all over regardless of how I was trying to manage it.  I brought it in and after a few tries of fixing something I went back out and it was worse.  The car died altogether after the second turn and I had to get pushed all the way around the track to get back to the paddock.

After many more tries and misdiagnoses it was finally determined that the voltage regulator on the alternator was dead.  A few guys replaced it and trouble-shot a few other minor issues and in the morning the car was in great shape.  They put me in the for the Sunday morning 2 hour stint with an eye to performing a splash and go at some point to make hay while the sun was shining.  I went out and ran it like I stole it, running a few laps in the 1:59 range when I had relatively clear track.  I think the car could run in the 1:57 range on a clear track.  I ran making great passes with few close-calls and overall a great day of racing.

The Contour ran most of the rest of the day without incident.  Until Keith got in at the end and the differential ate itself.  It's the only race we didn't take the checkered flag.

On the other side of the team, they had the Metro in Class A and the Racevan in Class C.  The Geo ran perfectly all day Saturday and finished the day 6 laps up overall!  The Racevan had a reasonably good day but the rear motor again had problems and blew out the radiator on Saturday.  It got fixed Saturday night and was running with both motors Sunday morning when Brian R had a few problems that finished their bid for the class win.

Overall the Geo won the overall race, giving it the distinction of being the only car to ever win all three classes and the IOE.  No idea what they have in mind for it next year, but for sure the theme will be changing for all three cars and I imagine the Geo may find some additional power.