Catching up - Rolex and F1 Club Race #2

posted May 21, 2012, 8:14 AM by Scoob Edoo
The Grand-Am series came to NJMP earlier this year and the plan was for Kieran and Killeen and I to go down to watch on Sat and Sun.  Friday night came and Kieran got a stomach bug and had to stay home.  So Killeen and I went down and had a great day.  The weather was much nicer this year (temps about 25-30 degrees cooler) and we got very close to our normal spot on the fence, parked next to the same father/son combo as last year, too.  We watched the motorcycle stunt show a few times and walked all over the place.  Killeen got into the autograph session and we hit as many people as we could.  So it will be interesting to see what she does with the driver/team cards she got.  We saw some good practice sessions and then a great Continental race where the Subaru came back from a few problems to win the race.  One for the ages and a great first win in the series.  On a dry track, no less.

Sunday I brought both kids and we met up with the Leone clan to let the kids play together, etc.  Kieran wore his roller blades and got lots of skating in as we roamed the paddock and fan areas.  He got several of the driver/team cards, but no autographs.  The kids played in the kid zone for awhile and Rob and I competed on the tire changing station.  Then we did the pit walk and went up on the balcony overlooking the pit straight for the start.  That was really cool (and loud) as we could see (and hear and feel) everything happening for several hundred feet before and after the start line.  We then retreated to the tent to watch the race.  Typical roller coaster of a race on both classes and the end-result was surprising, but a direct result of the 01 and 99 cars coming together again.  Both exited and the 10 car was the obvious favorite after that.  Max still had to get around a few of the other cars, but he made it look easy.

Moving up a week saw us heading to NJMP again for the 2nd club race of the year (first for Kieran) on the full track.  I had dropped off the primary motor and the carb with Walt Gifford to rebuild during the Grand-Am weekend, so I had the practice motor with the new carb mounted.  We had to break it in on the track during his two practice sessions, so I had severely reduced tuning time and that ultimately hurt him in the heat race.  But for qualifying he was actually moving pretty good.  When I tried to play with the carb I went the wrong way and cost him 2.5s per lap.  Ultimately it didn't matter since he was the only kid running the class, but the Minimax kids were running faster by about 16 sec/lap so he was an obstacle and paid the price a few times during the heat and final races.  I did tune it better for the final race, so he was back in the 1:26 range, but I was hoping for 1:24 or better.  I will play with the gearing and tuning a little more for the next race (in two weeks, again on the full track).