Catching up

posted May 31, 2017, 5:05 PM by Scoob Edoo
I just realized that I haven't updated anything for a while.

I did not do the Barber race this year due to a conflict with Black Belt testing.  Master Kathy was coming and that's not something I want to miss.  So the racing started with the CMP Spring race, in the Constang.  It had been upgraded with a fuel cell that should have increased the stint times to about 2:45.  Sadly it turns out that the fuel pump was pumping harder than the OEM pump, so we were running richer than usual and only gained about 10-15 minutes and we went through much more fuel.  On the other hand, our laptimes improved by 3ish seconds and I was fastest again.  But we went through the brakes again - pads couldn't keep up with the extra speed, so an upgrade to Mustang brakes is in the works.  Also coming soon is a cool-shirt set up.  I don't know when I'll race again, but was hoping for Road Atlanta in November.

On to Autocross.  SCCA finally moved the Blytheville Pro to a better date in May, so I headed out for my first event since Adesa last Sept/Oct.  The weather was just about perfect and we had Tom, Jared, and Jason came out to play.  The courses were the fastest Pro courses I've ever seen.  I geared for ~82 on Saturday and probably hit 80-81.  Not very technical, but pretty fun.  I got third behind Tom and Jared.

The next weekend we had an event at Bristol on the drag strip side, so a similar runway setup to Blytheville (and Warminster).  Both Kieran and I drove and had a blast.  I ran Pro but couldn't find the time I needed oon the first three runs.  I played with the setup a bit and found another 1.4 seconds which would have given me the PAX win by over a half-second.

Next was Spring Nats this week.  We had an uneventful, though wet, drive out to Lincoln a day earlier than usual and had time to relax before jumping into the 4 days of racing.  The Pro courses were a lot of fun but I ruined my Friday morning runs by leaving the choke on... I'm still not used to this PWM carb where the choke stays on.  Oh well.  I partially redeemed myself in the afternoon runs, but still left a lot of time out there and finished 8th out of 11 drivers (yep, 11!).  The forecast for Saturday morning was dead on, meaning big storms rolling through at 7 am or a few hours, forcing them to cancel those runs and then running the challenges after the courses had mostly dried out and before another storm was scheduled to arrive (it never did).  So the family went to a trampoline place that also had a Warrior course to play on so we spent an hour doing both.  My back hurt for three days after that.

The Tour was interesting.  The first day had an excellent John Hunter course with an element from last year's East course run backward and several other familiar elements.  It was fast, but bumpy.  I went out and set a reasonable time on my first run but on cold tires and a dusty surface.  Now get this - my second and third runs finished identically -  by somehting happening to the kart causing the right side pod to leave and the carb/intake to fall off.  Both runs, same thing in the same place.  After I'd fixed it before my third run.  I still have no idea what happened or why or how.  I degreased the intake boot and reversed it and tightened it down, added a cradle to hold it, bent back the bent nerf bar and replaced the side pod with a new bolt and waited for Monday's course.  What to say about that course... It walked oddly, got changed after I'd done four walks, then walked slightly less oddly after that.  Fortunately it ended up flowing a bit better than I'd thought it would and on my third run I set the fasted time for the karts and second fastest for the heat behind the BM car.  That was a fun run, with really only one big issue costing me probably 1 full second.

Now we wait for the Bristol event at the end of June before the double national event over Independence day wekend.