Catching up.

posted Sep 25, 2016, 2:18 PM by Scoob Edoo
After the miserable experience at Spring Nats, not much was accomplished over the summer on racing activities.  A lot of focus went on our trip to Florida for Taekwondo Nationals Championships where all five of us competed n a few events. Kerry became a double national champ, in individual and team forms.  I have became a national champ in form and got beat up in sparring when I dropped two age groups and up a weight group, but I did get a silver medal to go with the gold from forms.  The kids didn't do as well but everyone had a good time.

I sent my motor to CKT to have them rebuild it as a stock moto that I may run but will likely sell.  Meanwhile I also sent the carb from Carter to have them look at it and ensure it wasn't leaking air in the pump around tubing.  I haven't talked to them in awhile but I expect I'll have everything back sometime in October. 

So during the KAC call in early August Paul asked me if I was coming to Nationals.  I'd decided a few weeks before that after the luck I'd had there was no way I'd make it to Lincoln.  So I said I wasn't coming - and Paul then offered me the codrive in his kart!  It was, of course, an offer I couldn't refuse so I started planning.  First step was to find a ride or codrive out o Lincoln.  Jason Vehige was planning to drive out alone, from Nashville so we teamed up.  We eventually decided to drive the Excursion instead of his Tiguan.  It was also decided that I'd be bringing Cathy's dog Sadie home at the end of my stay there.  So a few weeks later I drove to Nashville to meet up with Jason and then drove to Lincoln all day Sunday of the Pro Finale.  We just missed the Super challenge that Paul won, again, to win the season.

There were no times left on the practice course so I was going to be driving Paul's kart cold turkey on Tuesday morning. The course was the most fun course I've ever driven in the kart - it actually would make an excellent kart track with some modifications to join the start and finish.  The visuals of the course layout were truly horrific, but driving it with a flow (and ignoring the extra 300 cones) really made it come together.  Paul finished the day in first, but by only 0.088 sec over Daniel.  I was in sixth and feeling really good about the kart.  Unfortunately the second day was scheduled for rain - and the forecast was bizarrely accurate. The rain, in buckets, started just a few minutes before we started running.  We made the switch to the rain setup and Paul was first out.  There were huge puddles and it looked slow, but clean.  Then Daniel went out and laid down a time several seconds faster and people started to wonder if Paul was just taking it easy. I went out with second drivers and it was messy - no grip and lots of deep puddles and rivers and seriously off the pace.  Second runs came and Paul improved a little, but still several seconds behind Daniel and several other drivers.  Now we were really concerned. Paul watched video and couldn't find where to find much time, and especially not six seconds.  My runs were utterly forgettable mainly because I had no power. It was somewhat reminiscent of Spring Nats now that I think about it.  My last run was seriously screwed up with water in the carb/motor and then I spun once the water cleared out.  Paul didn't improve and ended up outside the trophies for the first time in a very long time.

So I went to Nats after all, but the experience was decidedly mixed.  If I get another chance to drive that kart, I'll definitely take it. I'd love to have two dry days in it.