Catching up

posted Apr 13, 2013, 8:15 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well it's been a month and it's been an adventure.  We went to the Dixie Match Tour, still with Eric's motor, and ran there with no problems.  Kieran did have an issue with the balance of the kart with the motor and those tires on that surface.  He spun several times and was pretty frustrated.  I tried to balance it with the weight we have, but I didn't have all of the scales and apparently didn't do well enough.

The drive to Dixie was interesting since I decided to go the back roads and visit our old stomping grounds in Gray and Macon.  We made good time and saw our first house, got lunch and made it to the site with time to offload the karts, go though Tech, and walk the course a couple of good times before heading to the hotel and then to Denny's for dinner.  Good times.

On to the Match Tour format: I'm not thrilled because of the way it runs for people who run well on Saturday.  I say this because I did run well on Saturday - good enough to take first place in the class!  I was generally happy with the way I ran but never got all of the elements right and probably left close to a second in the big turnaround alone.  Regardless I won the class and that automatically put me in the Challenge on Sunday, along with Matt Wareham from the Daytona Beach area.  So Sunday consisted of getting Kieran ready to run first thing to finish out their 6 runs.  As of now, there is no challenge round for the kids, so they are done after 6 runs just like a regular Tour (now called the Championship Tour).  That may change for future Match Tours with large kid turnouts.

For the rest of Sunday, I waited and watched as the last chance folks (who didn't qualify on Saturday) ran their last two runs.  And then I waited for the challenge rounds to be drawn, and then I worked and waited some more while those rounds worked through.  All the while the sun, which had started out shining, was retreating.  By the time we finally ran, almost 24 hours since we last ran, the sun was a distant memory and the surface had cooled with a nice breeze.  Even knowing that, I knew I only had two runs to move ahead so I went aggressive and it didn't go well.  I went off course when my front tires understeered right through a wall, so that run was done.  I came around and tried to calm myself while still realizing I needed to get a good run in.  At least one advantage of running in the challenge is getting warm tires for the second run.  So I went out and hit almost the first possible cone I could to ruin any shot I had.  I still drove like a maniac for the rest of the run to test how well the tires would stick in a few areas where I'd given up a little more than I thought I had to.  The last such element I had apparently gotten right all along because I hit one cone, then four more that lodged underneath and sent me sliding to nowhere in particular, thus ending my weekend in disappointment for the challenge.

So I won't be doing another Match Tour until they revise the format to stop penalizing the Saturday winners.

And the continuing saga of Kieran's motor is close to closing.  I sent Eric's motor back and he sent Kieran's back to us.  I got his back today with a mind to going to ETR's 2nd event tomorrow, but Eric forgot to send back the air filter and exhaust springs.  Also missing the throttle cable, but I have spares of that, just not the others.  So no event tomorrow, but that's OK because we have a bunch to do.  All of the kids started sports (T-Ball for Sinea, Softball for Keen, and Baseball for Kieran) so we need to go buy batting helmets for all of them.  Keen also needs a bike, so we'll go shopping for those things tomorrow instead.  And maybe watch the F1 race and some Masters.