Car update

posted Jul 13, 2015, 7:33 PM by Scoob Edoo
Bought and installed a new exhaust and some coilovers on the FR-S in the last few weeks.  Also got some slightly used Bridgestone RE71s that I mounted on the rear..  Coilovers are HKS Hipermax IV GTs and they are excellent.  Smoother than stock and I haven't even adjusted them yet.  The exhaust is an N1-type with no muffler(s) but inserts in the termini to reduce the noise.  Man it's nice to hear the motor and I've found it really helps my shifting because I can hear it.

Anyway I took the car over to APTUS to make use of their rack for corner balancing and an alignment.  I maxed out the camber plates and got to -1.9* in the front and about -1.5* in the rear.  Not as much as I'd hoped for in the front, but I'd need either slotted upper holes on the new shocks or crash bolts in those holes.  For now I think the numbers are sufficient so I won't mess with them.  Can't promise that I won't ovalize the upper holes for next spring.

The day after the alignment ETR had an autocross that I attended.  Weather was fine for our runs but I quickly learned that while the lot was slippery, my front tires are shot and I understeered all day and was off the pace by about 2 seconds on a 33 sec course.  But on the street they still work fine, so I plan to keep them for the rest of the season.

Next up I'm trying to get Sinea to the kart track before school starts again.  And then I'm driving with the other branch of the Schumacher Taxi team at VIR in about a month.  That will be a hell of a weekend!