Busy weekend

posted Apr 26, 2010, 5:44 PM by Scoob Edoo
Kieran's Hypermoto series had a scheduled practice on Saturday at 4, so we planned to go down and play all afternoon with all of the karts.  I talked to Sal and he and George decided to come down to play, too.  When we arrived at 1, Sal was already on his 2nd or 3rd session.  He wasn't used to such long stints and his arms were already feeling like jelly.  HAH!  George had just gotten there, too, so he hadn't gotten tired, yet.

I tried to get his cadet kart running - I really want to compare the two karts on the same track on the same day to get an idea how they compare.  Unfortunately, we had no spark in the freshly rebuilt motor... Seems like a ground wire is not hooked up appropriately.  So I abandoned that one and got his race kart set up for him to play.  Sent him out to get used to that kart while I completed the install of my rear bumper.  He had a good session and then the big karts went back out.  That's about the time that Sal decided to spend some money on a new axle when he swerved to avoid something shiny on the front straight and backed into a barrier @ 70 mph.  OUCH!  He's fine, but he had to spend that money.

My kart worked just fine as is.  The Suzuki was running strong and I only broke my front floor board.  Everything else held together and I had no problems all day.  Kieran's practice went well - the kart ran perfectly and he consistently ran faster laptimes throughout.  He ran until it ran out of gas!

Sunday was a Philly event at Citizen's Bank Park - and it was the opposite of Saturday, cold and rainy.  We brought Killeen, but not her kart.  I wanted her to do some more course walks with Pete to read the course better before I turn her loose.  Neither Kieran nor I were interested in driving in the rain, but Chris was ready to drive the shifter, so he put the rains on and ran in the 1st heat.  It was ugly, but he got faster each run.  With the low turnout, we did an SJR-style event, so everyone got another crack at the course in the PM, too.  By then it was drying, so I decided to drive after all.  I got FTD on my 3rd (and last) run.

Kieran also decided to run, so he, Vicky, and Logan all ran between 3rd and 4th heats.  They ran half course and Kieran was very fast.  He benefitted from the previous day's time in the kart and was more and more confident on each run.  He spun once but learned from it and eventually won by a few seconds.  And in the results he is shown as FTD instead of me!  Good stuff.