Bristol Match Tour

posted May 18, 2016, 5:15 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well the overall event was a success.  BMS did a great job with the repaving of the crappy parts of the lot and the available area was good enough for a fun, fast 46 second course for the KM guys and low- to mid-50s for most of the classes.  We had 187 people run on Saturday, so one of the biggest Match Tours ever we think.

But it wasn't without some adventures.  When I got there on Friday and Teched the two karts, apparently the scales were off by a considerable amount when I weighed Kieran's kart - to the tune of 22 lbs heavy.  So when I got his kart ready I took off the 10 lbs off of his seat, but when we weighed it came across as 13 lbs light!  I barely made weight myself and Ted came across light, too (he'd done the same thing as I'd done).  Lesson learned - at Spring Nats we'll have the good scales and I'll make sure someone from SCCA staff is there when I do it.

On to the event.  I went on Friday to run the practice course and slowly (sorta) break in the new piston.  The course was very representative of the full course but about 1/2 the time and enough to show me that the 2014 Nationals tires were not going to work on that surface so I left early to get home to mount the new tires before heading to Taekwondo for pictures.  Whilst mounting one of my rear tires, I pushed hard and managed to face plant onto the wheel in front of me, slicing my forehead pretty good.  Nice.

On Saturday we ran 4th heat together and the course was really, really fun.  Both karts were geared within a few mph of perfect, so that was nice.  Mine ran very well and I finished the "morning" runs with a 48.2.  Kieran also ran well, improving on every run and ending with a 55.0.  During the afternoon the wind came up and it was a different atmosphere from the morning session, but after a spin Kieran improved on every run again to finish with a 53.8.  I, on the other hand started the session with a 47.7 and on my second run I was going even better when I realized something was pouring onto my right thigh.  It wasn't hot but eventually the motor started to sputter and I knew it was going to die so I pulled off right at the exit.  I was soaked with water from my cooling system so I was done.  I later looked and found a score on one of the hoses, but it turned out to be a cracked cylinder - in a big way.  I don't know what happened yet, but it looks like it is possibly related to torque on the exhaust manifold.  So no challenge for me on Sunday.  Boo hoo.

Sunday was another spring day, with temps in the 50s in the morning.  Kieran and I stayed home to watch some of the F1 race before heading over.  Kieran ran shortly after we arrived and had two good runs but didn't improve on his Saturday times (the surface was still pretty cool and there was not much sun to warm the tires).  He didn't end up paxing as high as we'd thought, but he showed that he hasn't lost much when driving either.

I contacted Carter Thompson who I heard was selling his CKT motor and decided to buy it and pick it up on our way to Lincoln next week.  It was easier than finding a mod cylinder before we leave next Tuesday.  Then I'll worry about finding a cylinder or having CKT completely build the motor to sell.