Beautiful weekend

posted May 3, 2010, 7:46 AM by Scoob Edoo
I played with the cadet kart a little on Saturday.  Since I know the 'other' K80 motor worked fine, I decided to swap that motor back on the kart and swap the carbs.  So the rebuilt carb is on the 'other' motor.  I mounted the motor and redid the throttle cable and tried to start it up - took maybe 10 pulls (to get the fuel flowing) and it started right up.  So we sho0uld be OK with the cadet for now.  Next up is pulling the ignition off of the rebuilt motor and trying to get it all working.  I cleaned the 'other' carb, but should probably tear it all down and use new gaskets and screens to make sure it's all OK.  If I get another pull-string and handle, I should be able to set up both motors to be easily swapped anytime we want.  Just need to add another throttle cable to make it work (and I have a spare).

I got more tires mounted on Saturday, too.  So I have a complete set of MG Yellows for practice, a complete set of MG Greens for the Holbert, and another set of MG Greens for the rear for when we cook the rears after a few events.

No call back from Tom on the problems we had with the TM.  I'll try again this week.  I suspect something is wrong with the gearbox which isn't good.  I will consult with Tom Barth if local Tom doesn't respond soon.  I do not want to be in a position of having zero motors again...

No events this weekend, except the Novice School on Sunday.  I instructed the FWD/AWD folks in the elements part of the School.  Made me wish I'd done a Novice school myself - I would have given up on FWD long before I did.