A very successful day

posted Mar 19, 2012, 8:59 AM by Scoob Edoo
The TnT was a nice success.  I had a few problems with my kart, of my own making, but once I got everything sorted out - and once the sun came out in the afternoon - it ran nearly flawlessly and strongly.  It was probably a combination of it being the first even in the kart in 5 months and that the ignition actually functioned well, but I thought the motor was much stronger than last year and it took me awhile to get a grip on the power.  I put together a pretty nice run to hold FTD most of the day, until Pete pipped me at the end.  Adam was also running strong and trying some different things with his caster that he liked.  Were it not for a botched start he likely would have been into the 29s on the fast afternoon course.

Kieran's kart did work and run flawlessly throughout the day.  He's very happy with the new axle and was loving the slaloms by the end of the day.  For the afternoon course we geared him up (to the typical Warminster gear) and he was flying full-throttle almost the entire course.  And I was very proud to see how fast he took the turnaround - I seriously don't believe that I took it that fast.  I think he had about 13 runs on the two courses so he slept pretty well last night.

We had a chief meeting after the event was cleaned up and it looks like we have a pretty good idea of our direction for the season.  Live Timing will be set up (and even working, hopefully) for our regular events, the truck is cleaned out and the lift-gate working very nicely, and the team is experienced and looking forward to another year.  On the Workers side, Alex Abaiso volunteered to help me with workers, so I am very relieved to have someone to share that work-load.

A few things to do before next Sunday, but only little things.  And I need to buy more fuel as I went through just about everything I had from the end of last year.