A semi-successful first Philly event for us

posted May 7, 2012, 12:09 PM by Scoob Edoo
The three of us went to Warminster hoping for the best, but expecting a bit less.  Kieran's motor still wouldn't run and I suspected that there was some grunge in the carb somewhere blocking the fuel.  While I was doing workers and between walks with the kids, Pete tried his hand at rebuilding the carb with the new screens and gaskets to see if that would do it.  Alas, there must be something deeper, like a grain of sand in a passageway causing the problem.  I took it off and will be tearing it apart piece by piece and blowing air through it to see if that clears it.  Meanwhile I bought another one (only $45) that will be here before he races at NJMP in 2 weeks. For the event, Rob graciously offered Kieran a seat in Marcus's kart, so it wasn't a total loss for him (thankfully).  Thanks Rob and Marcus!

Early on Sinea decided that she wasn't going to race - she's all about the social aspect of the events, not the driving part, yet.  So that left only me to worry about.  I had nothing to do on my kart beyond setting the air pressures, so I relaxed and worked Safety during first heat.  We had 148 drivers and had a fast, challenging course so we targeted 5 or 6 runs.  Because of the course set-up, we were able to do 16 sec launch intervals and flew through the runs.  We were under 2 hours per heat for 6 runs!

Kids ran between heats, as usual, but now did 3 runs each changeover so they took longer than usual that way, and Kieran co-driving Marcus's kart also added some time, but even so the whole event ran almost without a hitch and in (Philly) record time for that number of runs.

I ran second heat and the sun made a huge difference for us.  After our first runs we could not launch without bogging some on the concrete.  Adam had it so bad that he was easily giving up at least a full second on each run - and he still beat me by 0.181 sec.  I managed to go off course three out of six runs, just pushing too hard, but I led PAX for about an hour before Tony and Adam pushed me down.  I easily gave up a full second on course with missed shifts and missed braking points, but I didn't break anything and the motor ran VERY well all day.  I finished the day 4th in PAX after what must have been an incredible drive from John Slevine (Don Slevin) in 3rd heat in his Mustang.  All in all a pretty good day.